November 3, 2023

What is IV Therapy, and Who Does It Benefit?

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What is IV Therapy, and Who Does It Benefit?

If you have ever been to a hospital or clinic, you’re likely familiar with IV therapy. A pouch filled with liquid sits above the patient on a pole with a small tube (called a catheter) attached to it. The catheter is inserted into a vein, introducing fluids into the patient’s body directly through the bloodstream.

Believe it or not, this medical treatment has been around for over a century, with evidence dating back to the 1600s when doctors first discovered that they could deliver certain medications directly into a patient’s veins. But fast-forward to today, it is no longer limited to hospital settings.

A quick search for “IV therapy near me” will reveal plenty of IV bars and wellness spas that have emerged to cater to the growing demand for IV infusions nationwide. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this revolutionary health and wellness treatment.

Let us briefly explain what it is, how it works, who would benefit from it, and how to get started with IV therapy in Sarasota, Florida.

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a medical practice that involves delivering fluids, vitamins, nutrients, medications, or other substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream to address various medical conditions, such as illnesses and nutrient deficiencies. By bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy provides fast relief as the body absorbs the nutrients more quickly.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

When you drink water or take an oral supplement, it has to travel through your entire digestive system before it can be absorbed. IV hydration works differently. The substance goes directly into your bloodstream, which can immediately impact your body’s hydration and energy levels.

During an IV therapy session, the medical professional connects a catheter to a bag of fluids suspended from a pole above the patient’s head. Next, the catheter is inserted into a vein, typically in the arm or hand, and secured with tape or dressing.

There are two primary ways IV therapy can be administered:

  • IV push is typically only used for emergencies and involves quickly delivering vitamins or medications within seconds. A syringe or motorized pump is used to control the rate of fluid movement through the IV catheter.
  • The second method, an IV bolus, involves the slow and steady drip of fluids and ingredients from the IV bag through the catheter and into the patient’s vein, taking several minutes but still fast-acting.

What are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

IV therapy provides a variety of benefits, including hydration, promoting wound healing, repairing damaged cells, regulating electrolytes, enhancing the health of joints and muscles, and supporting overall bodily functions. Many professional athletes swear by its ability to improve post-workout recovery, restore the body’s electrolyte and hydration levels, and quicken muscle recovery.

Medical professionals may also add medications to the IV drip to alleviate pain, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms. Once you receive an IV drip, your body will feel the effects in just a few minutes, and you can experience a significant boost in your health and mood.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

IV therapy has proven a safe and effective way to administer vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly to people’s bloodstream to help them feel their best. However, certain risks are associated with this procedure, mainly if it’s not done by a professional in a tidy and clean environment, using sterile equipment.

One of the most significant risks is infection. Bacteria may be introduced into your blood when the needle is inserted into your vein. The needle could also become dislodged, causing the solution to enter the surrounding tissues—hence why entrusting your IV treatment to a well-trained medical professional is vital.

There’s also the risk of vitamin overdose. Excess nutrients in the body can have different side effects, but generally, they can negatively impact internal organs. Blood clots and vein inflammation are other severe risk factors that you shouldn’t overlook. However, they can be addressed and managed effectively with proper medical supervision.

At AP Drips, we take strict precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients. We only use FDA-approved vitamins, which have undergone rigorous testing before administering them. We also take the time to carefully evaluate each client’s health history before every IV therapy session. This helps us understand each person’s unique needs and ensure IV therapy is the right option for them.

How Long Does IV Drip Therapy Take, and How Long Do the Effects Last?

Once you are connected to the IV, which is usually a quick and straightforward process, the duration of the therapy will depend on why you are undergoing IV therapy. The average IV therapy session can last between 15 minutes to an hour. However, certain types of IV treatments, such as NAD+ IV therapy, may take 2-4 hours per infusion.

In some cases, you may feel the effects almost immediately. For instance, our ProQuench and High Dose Vitamin C Drip refresh and energize as soon as the fluid reaches your bloodstream. In other cases, it may take more time. The effects can last up to a few hours to a few days after completing the procedure, depending on several factors like the type of IV package, your hydration level, and your body’s natural metabolic rate.

What is IV Therapy Good For?

IV therapy can treat numerous conditions, such as dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, headaches, fatigue, infections, respiratory disorders, and inflammation. It can also offer many general wellness benefits for people who:

  • Struggle to drink enough water to stay hydrated
  • Feel burnt out and need an energy boost and mental clarity
  • Are looking for preventative treatments to fight aging and retain skin elasticity
  • Do intense workouts regularly or engage in sports and want to recover faster and gain energy to achieve fitness goals
  • Want instant relief from hangovers or colds or flu
  • Are traveling and want a superior immunity boost or relief from jet lag
  • Are looking to boost their beauty regimen and nourish their skin from the inside

IV treatment can also help with other health-related conditions such as migraines, food poisoning, nausea, fatigue, etc.

Getting Started with IV Therapy in Sarasota, FL

If IV therapy sounds like a good fit for you, we offer a range of packages to help you feel your best and smash your health and nutritional goals! Our office is conveniently located in the charming city of Sarasota, Florida. However, if you’d rather have the treatment administered in the comfort of your own space, our skilled medical professionals can bring IV therapy to your home or workplace, catering to individuals and groups. (Our mobile IV therapy service has an additional charge based on your location.)

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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